Day 3 on plan

Well here’s day 3 on plan 🙂 praying I can make it through today ready for weigh in tomorrow morning set my meal plan up defiantly better to know what your havin than eat n the run, and makes me feel a lot more in control going to go for antherstroll with the kids earnt 5ap yesterday walking hoping to earn a few more today as they say a little exercise is better than none at all think I’ll slowly build up to jogging again, I trained for then race for life 5k which I completed in 33minutes 🙂 but have since stopped running so think I’ll slowly build my exercise back up total level

Todays meal plan

B) warburtons Danish white bread x 2 3pp

    Flora light 2pp

   Semi skimmed milk for tea etc 2pp

L) 2 x crumpets with chocolate Philly topped with banana 7pp

    Ww yogurt 1pp

T) jacket potatoe with cheese and with with grilled chicken breast and saled 15pp

30pp/30pp 🙂 all on track xx


My journey so far

I started weight watchers August 2011 after my 2nd child was born I needed to lose 5 stone in total, I joined my local grop and lost a total of x45lb. And then my group was cancelled 😦 as you can imagine I have a gained some weight since my meeting closed, so I’m restarting Wednesday morning meeting @ 9.30am 🙂 although I’ve been on ww for the past 2days and stayed on track 🙂 some progress 🙂

So I’m praying my weigh in on Wednesday won’t be a massive gain but I will updateyou and keepyou informed

Fingers crossed for a little gain wednesday

Todays menu

B) warburtons Danish white sliced bread 3pp

     Flora light 2pp

L) ww wrap 3pp

    Ham 1pp


    Pom bears  cheese and onion 2pp

    Ww yogurt 1pp

    Curly wurly 3pp

T) crispy chicken 6pp

    300g new potatoes 6pp

    Veg inc peas 2pp


29/30 used 🙂 

Have a great day